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Moncton Wellness Expo Spring 2019


The Wellness World EXPO empowers individuals and communities to prosper through education, experience and connections with like minded people. Our events are family friendly, open to the general public and designed to empower. Join us and experience the joy of Wellness.
Learn and Discover
Well-being is something we all strive for, and the Wellness World Expo is an event where you can immerse yourself in wellness. There are presentations and workshops throughout the entire weekend that focus on well-being in health (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), environment, finances, social and art.

Find Free Workshops And Activities For Everyone
There are always exciting new developments in well being. These could be new scientific discoveries, better technologies, food & nutrition breakthroughs and more experienced therapists. Participate and try multiple new therapies at the Wellness World EXPO. You can interact with practitioners, question technologies and experience the benefits immediately. Join us and discover your next stepping stone.

Find Your Own Path
We are all individuals with unique histories, socialization, genetics, and we all need to find the routines and modalities of wellness that work for us. No single approach works for everyone. The Wellness World EXPO strives to create an enjoyable and safe environment where you can discover your own path to abundant well-being.