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Permaculture: A Brief Introduction to the Ethics and Principles

$1.62 à $15.00

Permaculture is a set of principles that help guide us to live healthier, happier and more sustainable lives. Come and learn the basics!

About this Event
Permaculture starts with simple things like composting at work or planting a few veggies at home, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. If you want to become part of the solution (instead of the problem) then this course is for you. We will cover the ethics and principles of this inspiring and easy-to-understand grassroots movement, so you can start designing a more sustainable life.
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About The Ville
Taking a holistic approach, The Ville Cooperative aims to provide the community with progressive, health-related opportunities. Our goal is to create a supportive facility which promotes recreation, education, sustainability, food security, arts and culture, and green technology. By partnering with like-minded individuals, as well as fostering a safe space for the community, we are ultimately working towards the emergence of societal structures that provide security, wisdom, and encourage both responsibility and success in all.