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Tomlinson Lake Hike to Freedom


Experience the final few miles of North America’s northernmost route of the Underground Railroad…Fun for all ages, family oriented, and FREE entry to the public! Enjoy a visit to home base where there is a pop-up history museum about the Underground Railroad and black history, watch a civil war reanctment and encampment, and enjoy a meal cooked on an open fire. There is a 2.5 km self guided hike (marked trail) featuring local artists along the way! On the hike, you’ll see the building of a squatter’s cabin and view a pit house with period actors. The trail is posted with interesting information about black history! Find us on Google Map and follow us on Facebook. Remember to bring: a water bottle, hiking footwear, sweater, first aid kit, book bag, hat, sunblock, snacks, tissue, whistle, lighter (as a safety precaution)