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Sasha’s Story

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InMotion set me in motion –

I had the chance to take part in the InMotion program and it made me realize I have more to me and more I can offer than I ever thought I did. I met our wonderful instructor Shannon who saw the quiet one grow and make friends (I was the quiet one). I shared things I hold close, like the fact I can crochet, knit, embroider and sew, but not only that I make toys for kids. Something I never thought would be anything besides arts and crafts they showed me that I applied many more skills and natural talents in doing my hobbies. Everyone else there was so supportive and I learned so much and gained encouragement listening to everyone and learning with them. The reason I joined the course is I lost my husband to cancer and since I was a stay at home mom I had such a hard time getting even an interview for a job. I was lost, depressed and feeling quite useless. I was trying to raise my 3 sons by myself for the first time and nothing seemed to work. After the course it took a bit but I now have a full time job that I love and they allow me to use my creative and artistic abilities in ways I never could have before. This course gave me hope that someone out there would see that I could do any thing and I only needed the chance.